First-Time User / Help

Entering Your Request (Start Page)

Here you will enter three types of information about your trip:
  • Where
  • When
  • Preferences

  • Where
    Enter two locations: where you are starting and where you are going. Each can be entered in one of four ways:
         Landmark typed,
         Landmark selected from a list.
    An Address is a street number and street name: 1439 Broadway.
    An Intersection is two street names separated by a slash ("/") character: 1st/Main.
    A Landmark may be typed: Union Station.
    Or, a Landmark may be selected from the list by clicking on Select Landmark, then selecting a category such as METROLINK. The members of the category will appear on the next screen for your selection. When using a landmark, either select a category or type the name, but not both. You can also enter addresses and intersections with the city, zip code, or both separated by commas.
    Regardless of how you specify the locations, you will get a second screen used to verify or narrow down your choices.

    Tip: It is not necessary to use the street types (N, S, E, or W) or other modifiers, such as street type (Ave, St, Bl, etc). In most cases, it is better not to use the street modifiers. When necessary (as in the case of a variety of modifiers for the same address range on a street) the modifiers will appear of the next screen. There you can make the correct selection.
    Tip: Each of the possible location selections is a link to a small map that will appear on the left side of the screen. You can click on any of these to view the location on the map.

    Specify the time you want to travel as either a Leave at or Arrive by time. The system will start or end your trip near the time you specify. The system will use the current time and Leave at if you make no other choice.

    Tip: In some cases the actual trip may be different from the specified time by a few minutes either way.

    This is where you may state special requirements of your trip:
    · Mode: Options are Any mode and Include Rail.
    · Fare: Fare class for the person traveling.
    · Walk: A maximum walking distance at either end. TripMaster will use ¼ mile unless you select something else.
    · Access: Check if you will need accessible vehicles.
    If you don't change anything in this section, the original displayed options will be used.

    Tip: If you desire a trip that includes some rail, keep in mind that there may be bus legs connecting to the rail portion.

    Verifying Your Location (Location Choice Page)

    The screen used to verify your locations will contain a list of possibilities from which to select for both the origin and destination. Even if the location is unique, you will see a single entry for each location. Each entry will usually have a city and zip code to help you identify the correct one.
    If the location cannot be found at all, you will get a "No Location" message and you'll have to retry the location in a different way.

    Tip: Try a nearby location using a different street or address range. You can also try an address instead of an intersection or an intersection instead of an address.
    Each possible location on the right appears in blue and is a link to the map on the left for that location. If you have any doubts about a location, you may click its link to view it on the map. You may zoom in or out to see more or less of the surrounding area.
    Sometimes a street name has multiple types. For example: HOLLYWOOD BLVD and HOLLYWOOD FREEWAY. If you specify HOLLYWOOD/VERMONT, you will see several variations on the list:
    After selecting the correct choice for the origin and destination, click the Continue button to proceed to the next screen.
    Tip: HOLLYWOOD BLVD/VERMONT AV is equivalent to VERMONT AV/HOLLYWOOD BLVD so either may be selected.
    Tip: Sometimes you may see multiple occurrences of what looks like the same location. Divided roadways are common examples of this. Usually, you can select any one for the correct results.

    Trip Details

    Here you will see the details that include:
         Exact scheduled times for your trip
         Total time required
         Total distance traveled
         Cash fare
    For a single leg trip you will see the schedule for the whole day on the route. The schedule closest to the one you requested will be in BOLD text. Also, TripMaster will also BOLD later times for Leave at or prior times for Arrive by.
    For multi-leg trips, the format will show the details of each leg including the transfer locations and times on and off each line. Any of the locations in blue is a map link and can be used to verify locations or determine how to walk to, from or between stops.
    To print this page, right click in the list area and select the print option that appears.
    Use the Other Trips link to go to the trip list.

    Possible Trip List

    At the top of the screen, you will see a summary of the trip you requested. Please review this to make sure everything is as expected. If the information is not correct, use the Change Request button to return to the start page and change the part of the request that needs adjustment.
    The possible trips will appear on separate lines. There may be a few or several possibilities.
    Each trip will show you the:
  • Routes involved in the trip

  • Time range the trip will take

  • Distance you have to walk

  • Fare

  • Routes
    The route numbers will have a small icon above them. The icons indicate the mode of transportation of that route. The modes are:
         Orange = Local bus
         Red = Rapid bus
         Blue = Express bus
         Gray = Rail

    Times are expressed in a range of about 15 or 30-minute intervals. The exact times are shown on the details screen once a selection is made.

    Tip: The times displayed here are only estimates. The exact trip time will usually be within the range, but in some cases with multiple legs, the total time may be more or less than the range indicates. This is dependent on the transfer time.

    Walking distances approximate only the distance from your start to the first boarding plus the distance from where you get off or of the last leg to your destination. You may have a short walk to make a transfer as well.

    Cash fare is only an indicator of the base fare for the most expensive leg. If your trip includes premium service such as some rail or express buses, the actual fare is likely to be more. You will see the exact fare in the details screen.
    To see the details of any single trip, select it then click the Details button at the bottom of the list.
    To print this list, right click in the list area and select the print option that appears.

    The Map

    The upper left portion of the screen will always display a map. Each of the screens mentioned above has some map links. These can be identified by their blue text.
    On the trip list screen, there is a map link, Start/End Map, that will show an overview of the trip start and end points with the map scaled so both locations are shown.
    Any of the maps can by scaled up or down by selecting one of the check boxes and clicking the ZOOM+/- button. Selecting a box to the right will zoom-in, on the left will zoom-out.

    Error Messages & Problem Solving

    Message: TripMaster found NO trip(s)…
    Results when there is no service found between the origin and destination within the selected walk range and/or at the requested time. Return to the start page and try changing the walk range or time slightly.

    Message: Table 'TRANSIT2.TMP_????????' doesn't exist
    Results when there has been no activity from the keyboard within five minutes. Use the Change Request or Go Back buttons, or the New Trip link to return to the start page and resubmit your previous or new request.

    Message: Server Shutdown in Progress
    Results when TripMaster can not find an answer to your request within one minute. Resubmitting the exact same request is likely to get the same results. Try changing the walk range or time slightly.

    Message: Oops! We could not make this connection …
    Results when connection times are less than three minutes between one or more legs of the trip. You will need to select another trip from the list.